The Covid Confessions

The Covid Confessions is a full length play made up of monologues that encapsulate our lives during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and provide us with a snapshot into people's lives. After time has passed, what will be remembered of this uncertain world we are currently navigating? Through tales of pain, empathy, and pure insanity, The Covid Confessions chronicles personal accounts of those who lived to share them. This play explores stories of those affected by the current health crisis as well as political and social injustices that consume our lives. Filled with honest humor and heartfelt tragedy, this original play promises to be an evening of theatre that will place the mirror to our reality as we continue to trudge through a global pandemic that has changed our lives.

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A Very Virtual Christmas Carol

Adapted from Charles Dickens' classic tale, A Very Virtual Christmas Carol zooms you through Scrooge's past, present and future!

Tough Love

When a family secret forces a son to make an unthinkable decision, the Marino family’s stability is threatened. The reverberation of new discoveries and hidden feelings verbalized ensures that the Marino family will never return to quite the same Sunday dinner table again. A heartfelt mix of comedy and drama, Tough Love is all about when it’s okay to give in and when it’s okay to give up when it comes to love, marriage and family.

Miss Match

Miss Match is a romantic comedy about Mama Roxie, a retired matchmaker, who surfaces when she is desperately called upon by her grandson, James, who is facing a crumbling matchmaking business and marriage.  Through a series of hilarious dates, Mama Roxie teaches James a wealth of matchmaking knowledge while using Matt, James’ happily single brother, as her guinea pig.  This film follows James’ struggle of getting his wife back, all while his brother and Mama Roxie easily find their own love with their perfect matches.

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What could possibly go wrong when your Italian family accidentally joins your first date on Zoom during a pandemic?

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