Announcing the Winners of The Palombo Family Scholarship

We are very proud to announce the winners of The Palombo Family Scholarship! We are thrilled to support these students' academic endeavors with these awards. Want to know how this scholarship was created? Find out here! Thank you to all who supported this project!  

1st Place Winner (Awarded $2,000.00): Catherine Bunza

(from L to R): Tommy Palombo, Shelly Hogan, and Catherine Bunza


2nd Place Winner (Awarded $1,000.00): Darcy Dimodugno

(from L to R): Tommy Palombo, Darcy Dimodugno, Shelly Hogan, and Louisa Luisi


3rd Place (tie) Winners (Awarded $500.00 each): Alexis Rizzo & Nicole Granert

(from L to R): Tommy Palombo, Alexis Rizzo, and Shelly Hogan


(from L to R): Nicole Granert, Tommy Palombo, and Shelly Hogan