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Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Together.  If you missed the pre-order period, you are still able to order a copy today.  Download an order form here. Please note that any orders received after December 20, 2013 will be delivered in January 2014.  Order your copy today and support The Palombo Family Scholarship!

Some information on Together... 

Together is a short book written about Louisa's time spent with Jean Palombo prior to her death this past summer.  Jean lost her husband, Frank, a firefighter, on 9/11 during the attacks on the Twin Towers, and they leave behind 10 children.  The book mainly focuses on her thoughts on love, life, and loss.

All proceeds from book sales will go to The Palombo Family Scholarship that will be awarded to a graduating Ridgewood High School senior.


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What some advanced readers have said about Together:

"Together is a heartwarming affirmation of the power of love to sustain us even in the face of terrible loss.  Each of the Palombo children that I have known have shared their mother's remarkable capacity for joy and gratitude, reminding the rest of us of what truly matters." (Dr. Meg Schaefer, RHS Grade Advisor)

"Together is a beautifully written story of love and loss that takes readers on an emotional and all-inspiring spiritual journey. It is a story that answers the question, what does it truly mean to be human? In a brave, yet graceful manner, Louisa Luisi captures Jean Palombo's voice, linking words to raw emotions and exposing a belief that one's own mortality is only the ending to a visit. The idea that we are not as 'in control' as we may believe is a humbling reality Jean Palombo discovers. As an English teacher, Luisi has the rare opportunity to provide an avenue for students to express themselves through writing. It is from this experience that Maria Palombo was able to open-up her feelings, and thus capture her teacher's attention. We seldom have something as precious as our parents' 'story' nor are we able to know their inner thoughts, but what Louisa Luisi has gifted the Palombo family with is a life treasure." (Colleen Contreras, RHS English Teacher)

"I read Together by Louisa Luisi in one sitting.  It is a beautiful book about two incredibly special people.  Jean Palombo gave a very special gift to Louisa who in turn gave this gift back to Jean, her family, and to all who read this book.  I felt humbled and blessed when I read this story.  Thank you to Louisa for sharing this gift."  (Mary-Catherine Bohan, Ridgewood Resident)

"Together is a beautiful story told by Louisa Luisi that deals with the humanity of life as experienced through Jean Palombo of Ridgewood, NJ.  After reading this book, one realizes the most important thing in life is the relationship between people.  Had Louisa not made the extra effort to know her students and their families beyond the classroom, this story might never have been told.  Reading this book will help people examine personal relationships in their own journey of love, loss, and life." (Robert Kaplan, Teacher)

"Louisa Luisi has so simply and perfectly captured who Jean was in this book.  I can hear her voice and see her smile on every page.  This is the story of a woman so filled with life and love that she will live forever in the pages of Together, and also in our hearts." (Liz Barone, Jean's Niece)